2014 Season – AERIAL ASSIST



Game Description: AERIAL ASSIST is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each on a flat 25’ x 54’ foot field, straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is to score as many balls in goals as possible during a two (2)-minute and 30-second match. The more Alliances score their ball in their goals, and the more they work together to do it, the more points their Alliance receives.


Game Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxp4dkMQ1Vo


Robot Description: Team 237’s robot was built on a mecanum drive system to allow for maximum maneuverability on the playing field. This robot would use an arm with a high-speed roller to pull in a ball and load it into the spring-powered catapult. This catapult used its full 400lbs of spring force to launch the ball over 20 feet into the goal or over the truss.



  • Groton District Event
  • Northeastern University District Event
  • New England FRC Region Championship